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Michigan School DJs set our prices affordably so that you are able to make a profit with your fundraiser. We are a firm believer that the better the show, the more tickets you will sell and the more profit you will make. Michigan’s Middle School DJ.

Whether you are throwing a themed dance or the prom, club-style dance music mixed live is just what today’s teens want. Don’t disappoint the crowd. Book MSDJ and hear remixed music the way it was meant to be played.

Need a elementary, middle school or high school DJ for your dance? All music is edited for radio and appropriate for guests of all ages. To keep things simple, MSDJ is booked by the hour and offers a single, all-inclusive dance DJ package. Prices start at $350 for 2 hours of music and run just $100 for each additional hour.

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We always bring Professional Equipment. Please do not fall for promises made by beginner DJs. Not all equipment is the same and cheap equipment is never reliable. We use only pro level equipment from companies like our sponsor Yamaha and Nexo/Yamaha large scale systems. Look for our staff promoting Yamaha at industry events this coming year.

Michigan School DJs

Additional School Dance Offerings:

  • Prom
  • Homecoming
  • Class Reunions
  • Fundraisers
  • Holiday Parties

Package Includes:

  • Yamaha Professional Sound system with subwoofers.
  • Club style lighting effects that are sweet to look at and even more fun to dance under
  • Hours of dance music and remixes that are only heard in clubs, mixed live on 2 digital turntables
  • A wireless, hand-held microphone for making announcements

School Theme Ideas

We are pros at getting kids on the dance floor! School Dance Themes, games, dance contests… we can do it all! Some of the themes we offer includes :

  • Daddy Daughter Dances
  • Mommy Son Dances
  • Blacklight/Glow Dances
  • 80’s Theme Dances (or 70’s, 60’s…)
  • Masquerade Dance
  • Vegas Night
  • Tropical Night
  • Hollywood Night
  • Fairy Tale/Fantasy
  • Saddie Hawkins Dance
  • Silent Disco
Michigan School Dance DJ Themes

One of many School Dance Themes that are popular these days are “Black Light” dances. We feature some of the best UV light fixtures in the world, providing enough light to fill even the largest gyms.

Some ideas for your next dance.

1. Glow-in-the-dark Dance

  • Encourage kids to dress in white or light colors
  • Hand out glow bracelets or necklaces as “tickets”
  • Hang up black lights – MSDJ can provide professional blacklight fixtures to cover even the largest rooms.
  • Host a glow-dance competition
  • Give out “Glowing Awards to your dance competition winners
  • Set up a face painting station with glow paints
Michigan School Dance DJ Themes

2. Awesome 80’s Dance (or 60’s or 70’s…)

  • Fill your space with icons from the 80’s
  • Invite kids to dress in 80’s fashion
  • Play hits from the 80’s
  • Hold 80’s dance competitions
Michigan School Dance DJ Themes

3. Masquerade Dance 

  • Hand out masks as tickets
  • Decorate with masks, beads, feathers and tissue
  • Choose flamboyant colors
  • Encourage homemade masks and give awards for the most creative

4. Vegas Baby!

  • Casino chips or show tickets for dance tickets
  • Lots of casino signs, blinking lights and “flash”
  • Non-gambling casino tables with fun prizes
  • Use play money for decorations

5. Tropical Dance

  • Decorate with tropical trees, sand, sun and surf decor
  • Encourage kids to dress in flowered/tropical apparel
  • Serve tropical snacks and punch
  • Set up a surfboard for a photo backdrop

6. Hollywood Stars

  • Roll out the red carpet at the entrance
  • Decorate with lots of stars, use red & gold colors throughout your event
  • Invite students to dress as their favorite Hollywood star
  • Hand out awards trophies- best dancer, best dressed, best dramatic entrance, etc.

7. Fairy Tale/Fantasy

  • Decorate with gossamer and lights; drape tulle or netting to create a romantic look
  • Encourage kids to dress “Cinderella” style
  • Think blue and white decor: blue punch, blue and white balloons, blue and white fabric..the more blue and white the better.
  • Set up a blue and white candy buffet

Our large systems can include everything from custom lights and trussing, video screens, spark and CO2 guns. Contact us and we can help your plan School DJ Prices.

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